Sack Battles: Chanel Classic Flap versus Chanel Reissue

In our first fight, which exemplary Chanel sack gets your vote fasbags box

We used to have a clash of the packs on our site and chose to bring it back for our Instagram adherents and PB perusers the same, since who doesn’t care for getting with others about what sack is ideal and why! It’s just fitting to begin with one of the most desired sacks, the Chanel Classic Flap, and another comparative Chanel pack, the Reissue. Both are exemplary, both are ageless, both are a staple in any sack sweetheart’s wardrobe. While the two packs are very comparative, there are a modest bunch of telling contrasts. To start with, is fasbags legit the conclusion on the Classic Flap includes the twofold CC turn-style lock while the Reissue has the Mademoiselle lock (rectangular fit as a fiddle). The chain handle on the Classic Flap has calfskin joined, while the Reissue is exclusively a chain handle. The cowhide is another indication, with the Reissue highlighting a more worn in calfskin which offers a more easygoing vibe. The sizes are diverse to help separate the sacks and Reissues have twofold folds within. Which sack gets your vote and why? Shop Chanel sacks by means of Fashionphile.

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